I am pleased to announce that the new version of Gladivs SSC has been released and is now available for download from Sourceforge.com. In this new version most of the improvements are not visible, as they are improvements of performance and behaviour.
In this new version we have the option to configure the shortcuts you want. This option is interesting since it allows us to define other keys than those defined by default. We can thus avoid conflicts with shortcuts defined in other applications. It also gives the possibility to use the application through the keyboard in systems that have simplified keyboard, which do not have the keys by default assigned to Gladivs SSC.
As improvement of accessibility, aside from the selection of keys, we added the pop-up menu for each monitor. Since this new pop-up menu, you can take a screenshot or update the view directly from Gladivs SSC interface. With this improvement it facilitates the use of the application.

The latest improvements, even if it is minor, is the inclusion of the "Auto-Hide window" option. As its name suggests, we can make the Gladivs SSC interface window closes automatically when we do a screenshot. This is useful to speed up the process of capturing and avoids us having to minimize the window every time. This option can activate and deactivate from the options menu, at the bottom right of the window.
The new version has been released in two versions: an installer for Windows 32-bit and a version JAR that you can run on Windows, Linux and Mac.