First of all thank you very much for the interest in our application. Gladivs Simple Screen Capture is a simple application that allows you to take screenshots.

Gladivs SSC has been conceived to take captures of screen is easy and fast, without dozens of messages and windows. In Gladivs SSC will only have to select a folder where to save the screenshots, select the or screens that you want to take screenshots and you're all set. Only you minimize the window of Gladivs SSC and begin to take screenshots with the [print screen] button.

Here you can see an image of the window of Gladivs SSC showing two monitors:


Is evident his simplicity. But now move on to describe the functionality of Gladivs Simple Screen Capture.

Select a destination folder

So Gladivs SSC can make screenshots, it needs to know in which folder save it. Next we show a detail of the path of the selected folder, which is located just above the monitor selector:

If you click on the blue text or on the icon, a folder choice window is opened, which you can select the folder you want. All the screenshots are saved in PNG format by default. The folder selected, will be saved as default and will be always selected, even if close the window, is again selected when the window is opened. If you want to change it simply follows the steps described above and is already; Easy!

Select what monitors you want to capture

Is possible that you have more than one monitor, and also is possible, that you want to capture selectively one or several of them. With Gladivs SSC is easy:

As you can see, in the monitor selector are showed all the monitors that you have available in your system. To take screenshots, you only have to select those that you want to capture. To select or deselect a monitor, simply click on it; the border color will change to green (like on the monitor on the left image). If you press on a monitor selected, it is deselected, and the color of its edge will be blue (in the image, the monitor of the right).

There is no more, in green it is captured, in blue it is not captured: simple and easy.

Taking captures

To take screenshots of the selected monitors, click the [Print Screen] key on your keyboard.

Also you have the possibility to update the miniatures of the monitors in the monitor selection panel. This is useful to know in that monitor have open a window, for example. This command does not affect what is captured, because captures are performed regardless of what is displayed in the thumbnails of monitors; i.e., that catches will be what they see on the monitor. To perform the upgrade of thumbnails press the combination of keys: [CTRL] + [Print Screen].

Important note for Ubuntu users: in the Ubuntu operating system, the key combinations used by Gladivs SSC are already assigned, so Gladivs SSC will not function properly. The section "Ubuntu Configuration" explains how to configure the Gnome desktop to avoid duplication.

And well, that's all. With these simple directions you can take all the screenshots that you need. If you want more information about other issues, visit the other themes of the documentation.