Gladivs Simple Screen Capture

A simple way to take screenshots from multiple monitors

  • Gladivs Simple Screen Capture provides a simple interface from which you can take screen shots easy and in a simple way.

    • Multi monitor capture
    • No configuration needed
    • Customizable shortcuts keys
    • Ready for [Print Screen] button
    • Capture regions of a monitor
    • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac
    • Auto-hide Window option
    • Continually in development of new features.
    • Multi language
    • Completely free: GNU/GPL V3 license.
    You can access the documentation from the top menu. There you will find all available help topics.


The latest Gladivs Screen Capture is: 0.7 beta.

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I'm happy to announce you that a new version of Gladivs Screen Capture has been released. This new version is 0.7. I have improved many things and added new functionalities. From now you can take screenshots from an area of the screen. This will make more simple to get screenshots from the monitor.

I also added a new options menu after screenshot is taken, with this new menu you can choose to save the screenshot to the default location or choose another one.

In this new version 0.7 I've added a new menu in the notification area of the SO. This menu brings to you the possibility to access all the functionalities of Gladivs Screen Capture. You can take screenshots from monitor o an area, modify parameters and other many things. Also in the main window I included new buttons to the monitor miniature. Now you can access the new functionalities also from this menu:


There is also the possibility to save an area to reuse it later. You can access this functionality from the menu in the notification area.

You can download the new version of Gladivs Screen Capture 0.7 at Source Forge.